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R.I. charter boat Old Salt fishing pictures of stripers, fluke, porgy, blackfish,and sea bass.

2017 Old Salt Charter Boat Fishing Pictures.

charter fishing in rhode island

08/19/17 The Cows and Bulls have come back home but are still too wild for our live bait on lite tackle, all fish caught have been on snapping wire line, maybe next week they will calm down for our fun fishing with the lite tackle again.

striped bass in rhode island

08/18/17 Sorry guys we are catching Bull Bass but only on jigging wire, until these new wild fish simmer down and start eating our live bait all future trips will be snapping wire line.

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08/17/17 Good and Bad news Good news, the Bulls and Cows are here. Bad news, they are being caught right now jigging wire line. Hopefully they will settle down so we can start using our live bait on lite tackle. Emerson Swan Portland Group

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08/14/17 Justin and the guys got into a new batch of school size bass Jigging wire line, hopefully the Cows are on their way so we can start using our live bait on them, new fish can only be caught Jigging wire, once they settle down the live bait will work again.

sea bass fluke fishing in RI

08/13/17 Brittany displaying the 3 winning fish she caught today beating out the guys. The group limited out with fluke after battling rough seas.

sea bass

08/11/17 Caution swimming in the ocean the Flukes and Sea Bass have taken over our waters limiting out every day Captain Carlos party.

old salt fluke fishing

08/10/17 With the Cows and the Bulls out to pasture we have been taking advantage of the over population of Fluke down on the new grounds called Mells Bells.

bull bass

08/07/17 Pat Hobin beat Billy the Cop today with a 45 pounder caught on live bait using lite tackle.

big cow and bull bass caught on Old Salt fishing charters

08/05/17 The Bulls and Cow Bass are back. Jason O'Haver won the big fish 45 pounds using live bait on lite tackle.

striped bass fishing in rhode island

08/04/17 Look what showed up today. Poppy was high hook using live bait on lite tackle.

Jo Fluke Block Island RI

08/02/17 Fluke, Flukes here there and everywhere! Kevin Zembrzuski and crew limited out today with Jo's again on the wreck of the Allen Curtis.

rhode island old salt fishing charters

08/01/17 Big Daddy Ron won the big fish today fishing for Black Sea Bass and Fluke. The Big Cow and Bull Bass took the day off today!

fishing for fluke in rhode island

07/27/17 Allen Smith and crew got into the Fluke today drifting along side of the wreck Allen Curtis.

cblock island, ri bass fishing

07/23/17 Scott from Dexter Knife limited out today in 3 drifts 20 minutes using live bait on lite tackle.

flounder fishing ri charter boat

07/22/17 Uncle Hot Cherry Peppers George and crew caught their limit of fluke today on the wreck of the Allen Curtis.

live bait and lite tackle fishing in RI

07/21/17 The Big Bull Bass are eating our live bait better each day using lite tackle.

striped bass charter fishing

07/20/17 The Waterbury Police captured these two Bull Bass today using live bait on a lite tackle rod. Pool winner 44 pounds.

Jo Fluke sports fishing Block Island

07/15/17 Today was our 10th successful off shore Jumbo Fluke trip on the wreck of the Allen Curtis pool fish 28 inches.

big bull striped bass fishing live eels

07/14/17 Mate Daniel said the Bulls are ready to eat our live bait on lite tackle - 55 pounds!

Jo Fluke caught on RI charter boat

07/12/17 Russel and the gamblers from Place Your Bets Boys caught Jo Fluke fishing the wreck of the Allen Curtis.

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07/10/17 Pat from Donny Wetzil fishing team had a good day bottom fishing today. The small bass are still here on trolling wire. We are still waiting for the Bulls to show.

bull bass

07/08/17 Today we used live bait with lite tackle for the first time this summer. The Big Bull Bass are starting to show up, most smaller school bass are being caught trolling wire line. Anglers, M.V.P. Construction Co.

Jo Fluke Fishing Old Salt Charters

07/03/17 Carlos Santanna today limited out on the wreck of the Allen Curtis today with Jo Fluke and a fair amount of sea bass.

fluke fishing ri sportfishing

07/01/17 Raymond Battistoni was the high hook today out fishing everyone. Fluke fishing has improved in the deeper water.

JO Fluke fishing charter boat old salt

06/25/17 Bill from Waterbury hit JO Fluke on the wreck of the Allen Curtis today.

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06/21/17 Bruce and friends today caught school size bass and blues, trolling wire line. Next month we start live bait fishing for the Bull Bass

stripers block island ri

06/18/17 Evans Family Fishing Trip 2017 limited out trolling wire line. Live bait fishing for the big ones starts in July.

fluke fishing ri charter boat old salt

Ed Pokornicki won the pool with this Jo size Fluke today beating out the crew hands down.

striped bass fishing charter boat

06/15/17 Alan the Cyotte Killer limited out today trolling wire line. We will start in July using live bait and lite tackle to catch the Big Bull Bass.

striped bass fishing in Rhode Island

June 13, 2017 School size bass and blues are being caught on trolling wire at this time. The Bull Bass will be here in two more weeks at that time we will switch to live bait using lite tackle.